The Phlunk’s Worldwide Symphony

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Publisher: Strata Books

Lou Rhodes is author of ‘The Phlunk’ and ‘The Phlunk’s Worldwide Symphony’ – beautiful children’s picture books featuring rhymes penned by Lou and illustrated by Tori Elliott. The Phlunk, conceived by Lou, is an intriguing cat-like creature, an alien in fact, who lives on a spoon-shaped planet. With his magic ears that can hear the sounds of all earth’s children, Phlunk is a rather unusual creature and these are certainly not your average picture books.

It is no surprise then that the gentle rhymes of The Phlunk and The Phlunk’s Worldwide Symphony (Strata Books) have all the fun, warmth, love and life-affirming brio of Lou’s songwriting.  Both titles can be purchased at Strata Books.

One day the Phlunk was sitting on his magic spoon-shaped moon, when through the stars came dancing a fantastic funky tune …

From outer space the Phlunk hears all the sounds of earth’s children far away. Imagine his surprise when their singing, playing, banging and stamping merge into an amazing Worldwide Symphony! The Phlunk just can’t sit still he simply has to dance!

A gorgeous picture book for children up to 7 years.

‘A fantastic fun book to read aloud … ‘
– Read It Daddy

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The Phlunk

The Phlunk

Published: 2013