Solo Work

Lou Rhodes’ solo work is more organic and rooted in folk music than her work with her electronic duo Lamb. She has released three solo albums including the Mercury nominated Beloved One. Her fourth solo album theyesandeye will be released in 2016.

Lou’s 2006 debut solo album entitled Beloved One was shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize. Her second album, Bloom, was released in October 2007 with a third solo album One Good Thing in March 2010.

Lou Rhodes - theyesandeye


Release date: July 22, 2016

Lou Rhodes - One Good Thing

One Good Thing

Release date: February 22, 2010

Lou Rhodes - Bloom


Release date: October 1, 2007

Lou Rhodes - Beloved One

Beloved One

Release date: September 1, 2007


Alongside her solo work, Lou is one half of electronic genre-benders Lamb. Lamb’s eponymous debut album up-ended the rigid idea of drum’n’bass by warming its distinctively chilly, tacheometric chatter with injections of jazz, classical, blues, techno and hip hop and giving it an intensely personal, highly emotional charge. The sweetly stuttering ‘Cottonwool’ and divine ‘Gorecki’ showed that drum’n’bass could do much more than just make feet move quicker – it could make hearts beat faster, too.

Six albums on, Lou Rhodes and producer Andy Barlow continue their journey of discovery with Lamb. Latest album Backspace Unwind was released to critical acclaim in 2014 and the duo embarked on a worldwide tour. It seems that the journey is not over yet …

After making music together over a period of almost 20 years it’s reassuring that new routes and approaches seem to abound. Over those years I think we’ve learnt that this journey needs no map; in fact tearing that map up, at every twist and turn, has become our regular gleeful practice.

Lamb - Backspace Unwind

Backspace Unwind

Release date: October 13, 2014

Lamb - 5


Release date: May 5, 2011

Live At Koko

Live At Koko

Release date: April 11, 2011

Lamb - Between Darkness & Wonder

Between Darkness & Wonder

Release date: November 3, 2003

Lamb - What Sound

What Sound

Release date: October 8, 2001

Lamb - Fear Of Fours

Fear Of Fours

Release date: May 17, 1999

Lamb - Lamb


Release date: January 1, 1996

Film & TV

Music by both Lou and Lamb has been featured frequently in film, TV, adverts and games. It is also regularly commissioned by corporate clients. Examples include: movies – The Crimson Wing (end credit ‘Crimson Skies’), Mary & Martha (‘Gabriel’), The Princess & The Warrior (‘Escape’); TV series – Six Feet Under (‘Heaven’); Games – Tombraider (‘Gorecki’); Adverts – Audi, Guinness, and Drinkwatch.

Mary & Martha
Tomb Raider Underworld
Crimson Wing 1
Audi (London Eye)






The Princess & The Warrior


Lou has collaborated with many artists across all possible genres. Below are just a few including: Nature’s Creed with Tuff Scout Records (2014),Vertigo with Creep (2013), Time & Space with Cinematic Orchestra (2007), Sleeping Beauty with Funkstorung (2004), Humanity with A Guy Called Gerald (1998),  Kanon with Sugizo & Riuichi Nakamoto (1998),  Azura with 808 State (1996).

Lou Rhodes & Tuff Scout
Creep ft. Lou Rhodes - Vertigo
Cinematic Orchestra - Time & Space
MK12 // Funkstorung - Sleeping Beauty HD
A Guy Called Gerald - Humanity
808 State - Azura